Accounting and Bookkeeping 

We provide you with all your accounting and bookkeeping needs to keep your business in order.  Our services include details on all your accounts, so that you can see where your business is making money and where it is spending money.  Our bookkeeping services can include two sets of statement, one for Tax purposes, which follows standard tax amortization schedules and one for business decisions, where amortization is based on actual useful life of the asset.

Our statements will be used when completing your income taxes and may also be used to obtain loans if needed.

Tax Preparation

We provide both corporate and personal tax services.  We will prepare your taxes and look for opportunities to save you money when filing your taxes.  Recommendations on how to organize your business and or personal services will be provided to maximize your tax savings.  We will complete your Government tax filing for your business (GST, PST, HST).

We can provide estate taxes if needed.

Government Audit 

We will provide you with all the support needed to complete your government audit.


We provide the following services:

  1. Salaries, Wages, and Overtime
  2. Payroll Withholding taxes and remittance
  3. Tax and CPP remittance
  4. EI remittance
  5. T4 Preparation at year end.

Business Consulting

We complete a detailed analysis of your business and provide you with a report which will outline suggestions on how to increase efficiency, save on taxes, boost revenues, and minimize expenses.  Our report will be focused on the needs of you and your business.